Encompassed – A Landscape Unfolding

SSA members Nicky Sanderson and Kristina Chan are exhibiting as part of ‘Encompassed – A Landscape Unfolding’ at Coburg House Art Gallery in Leith from 8 – 13 August.

Each artist will present their individual responses to landscape – its history, its mythology, its effect on us and our need to cherish it.  Using various media including printmaking, oil, beeswax, mixed media, and raw materials from the earth itself, members of the group find energy in their own hallowed places, be they wild or man-made landscapes, deserted cavernous spaces, fragile peat bogs, rich island meadows, or landscapes of the mind at the edge of vision.

Other featured artists include June Bell, Lynne Bingham, Alison Burt, Elizabeth Strong, Isabel Thomson and Katie H Watson. 

Further info: https://encompassedart.wordpress.com