Works Selected for SSA 2011




Aarrestad Katharine Where unknown, there place monsters I
Aitken Eona Murray Footholds
Aitken Eona Murray Lifelines I
Allan Elise V Fragments of Infinity, Shards of Love
Allison Elaine Bone Dog
Allison Elaine Incubator
Amphlett Libby Untitled
Arden Joy Wasteland / Shale
Ashrowan Richard Reflections
Atkinson Shelagh Arabesque
Behrens Reinhard Cold Encounter
Belcampo Patrizio Untitled
Bell Ingrid U R IT
Bennett Margaretann Bad Teddy
Bennett Jill Goddess of the Sea, Paxos
Betts Alice Dogs in a Box
Beveridge Allan W Nietzsche and Lou Salome
Blair Irene E G A Cloud No Bigger than a Man’s Head
Blows Trude Departure – Recife 1953
Bogacz Aimee Mammy Two Shoes
Bond Marj Blue Fish Trap
Bond Marj Grey Glyphs
Boon Jim Ferric
Boyd Vanessa The Bird
Briggs Donna On Account
Bruce Jennifer Occupations II
Bruce Jennifer Calf: Dissection Room
Bullick Molly South Asian Studies
Bullick Molly Shock and Awe
Burns-Cox Simon War and Peace
Cabban Vanessa Mr Brown’s Beloved Book of Insects
Cabban Vanessa The Little Gardener
Carey June Angel Whispers
Carey June Transmitter
Carlingford Eleanor Puckers our Brows
Cartman Sam Mains of Usan VI
Chevalier Marianne Creature Series III
Chevalier Marianne Creature Series I
Chevalier Marianne Creature Series XIII
Chevalier Marianne Creature Series IV
Chevalier Marianne Creature Series XIV
Chevalier Marianne Corneille Craquelee
Chinnery Nancy Untitled
Clark Alastair Cloud Puzzle
Collier George The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Collins Sandra Also Ran
Cordwell Sarah-Manning Mountains of Madness
Cordwell Sarah-Manning The Rise of Pan
Davies Richard Bold and Scornful
Dean Olive Dunbar II
Dean Olive Dunbar I
Dean Fiona Like Father like Son
Denerley Helen Hunting Dogs
Doerr Joan Continuity
Douglas Liz Raft
Douglas Liz Another World
Downie Kate Beijing Taxi Dreaming
du Feu Leo View South with Hare from Sanna Bay
Dunbar Wilma Counting the Days
Duncan Colin Hope Flies High
Duncan Emma Loch Riddon
Dunn Alex Cha Mhor Dubh (Mostly Black)
Epps Keith Edith Stone
Epps Keith Wreck No 2
Faithfull David The Bunker: Bunker wallpaper
Faithfull David The Bunker: Cramond Island
Faithfull David The Bunker: Jettison III
Faithfull David The Bunker: Jettison I
Faithfull David The Bunker: Bunker
Faithfull David The Bunker: Radiation Suits
Flemington Ross Model 114
Forster David Through which passed the road to the capital
Forte Anne Afternoon Nap I
Foster Louise Wire 2010
Fraser Henry Monk
Fraser Lorna Nuphar Pumilum
Fraser James Close Encounters of the Furred Kind
Furneaux Paul Notes on a Fjord: Rain
Furneaux Paul Notes on a Fjord: Sea
Gauld Lyndsay Permitted Matter
Gauld Lyndsay Untitled
Geerdes Anna Marking Time (before the Revolution) I
Geerdes Anna Marking Time (before the Revolution) II
Geile Andrea Home Grown
Gibson Louise Portrait of the People Cross Section Part 2
Granozio Giorgio Manh Land
Grant Alison The Light Catchers Series III
Greener Rebecca The Eye
Gunn-Cairns MBE Joyce Sebastian
Hansen Lys Seriously Red/Read
Hansen Lys Nothing but the Best
Harman Kevin Optician II
Higgs Jacqui Boatyard II
Homoky Laura Quest
Hope Diana From “A Man in Assynt”
Hope Diana Things in Each Other II
Hope Sunnifa From the Series Dark Period
Hutchison Fiona R Unlocking the Sea
Hutchison Anita E Fence Post Gardens
Hutchison Fiona R Flow I
Hutchison Fiona R Waterlines
John Ewan Four Birds at a Dance
Johnstone Agnes Sk – interplay
Jones Kittie Grey Wagtail
Justiniano Daniela Untitled
Kail James Twenty One Years
Kilpatrick Alan Flame Tree
Kilpatrick Alan Fence (Boundaries)
Kondracki Henry Bucket and Spade
Kosciewicz-Fleming Linda Nine Thoughts
Laird Karen Smook I
Law Frances Twigs
Leitch Joyce Ingress/Egress
Leppanen Tiina Seasons, Days, Hours
LeRiche Kenneth Annunciation
Little Emily Untitled
MacDonald Shaun Psychogenic Fugue
Mack Alastair Study for Metropolis I0
Malcolm Toby Bromeliaceae Leaf Cross Section
Mallet Linda Tree
Mannikko Pia Some people knit
Masson Linda The Beach
McCracken Mark Zhang
McDonald Jo Snippets
McDonald Paul Untitled I
McDonald Paul Untitled II
McDonald Jo Revised Edition 2003 (all rights reserved)
McGilvray Robert Winter Shore – West
McGowan Georgie Time Passing
McGowan Gerald Woman at Beach
McInally Nicola Congregation
McKenzie Lesley D Brown Hare
McLaren Stephen The Composer
McLean Silvana Diary of a Cold Spell
McLean Silvana Slow Spring
McLean Silvana Watery World
McWilliam Martin Mutcraze Jar & Bowl
Melrose Janet M Silent Pool
Moon Laura Temptation
Morrison Mary Tidal Song I
Morrison Mary Tidal Song II
Mulder Nan House of Light
Murray Gillian Scoor, Mull
Murray Nicola June
Musgrove Paul Linear Series
Nammari Leena More Than – Stairs I
Nammari Leena More Than – Stairs II
Nelson Martin Digraph Variation IV
Nelson Martin Trigraph Opus VI
Newman Rosie Jones Moss Couch
O’Donnell Bernie Female Nude
Palmer Robin Autumn Landshape
Park Chris Dualism: Portraits and Poems – Mike Davenport
Pirrie Lorna Unforgiven, c. 2010
Pollok Charmian Bibliotheca
Pollok Charmian Theca
Pollok Charmian Mr Nobody’s Gossip
Powell Robert The Calendar
Powell Robert The Potato Eaters
Pretsell Philomena Waddle-In
Prosser Alison Farmer, Storm and Barley
Quigley Sharon White Work
Quigley Sharon Vapour Space
Quinn Claudine 100 Watt Nebulae
Reeves Philip Summer Beach
Ritchie Louise Linespan
Robertson Duncan Nuclear Mushroom Cloud
Rollo Alison Girl with Open Hand
Rossi Paul Safe Harbour
Sargeant Catherine F/T ‘S’
Sargeant Catherine ‘providence’
Scott Mooie Mull Head (Orkney)
Sharkey Jane Allotment
Sleigh Bronwen Cold Harbour Lane II
Smith Susan Hare in Landscape
Smith Jenny Nine
Smith Jenny Study
Smith Joan Sea wall
Smith Gerry Eternity
Smith Gerry Five Haikuisations
Somerville Mary Untitled
Soroka Joanne Terra Incognita
Speirs Elaine Stella with Doll
Spy Karen After Beuys – Three Energies
Spy Karen Aftermath – Continuum
Standen Peter The Little Supplicant
Storstein Matthew Jars and Brushes
Strachan Amy Lee Spring
Tait Erlend Wotan
Taylor Catriona Film
Taylor Catriona Coastal Map I
Taylor Catriona Coastal Map II
Thomson Eilidh External Perception
Thomson Eilidh Internal Perception
Thomson Amanda Abernethy Suite No 1
Thomson Katy The Battle
Tumin Matilda 73 Leaves
Tyson Gill Fade like a meteor in the surrounding Gloom
Tyson Gill Bright Ball of Flame
Vickers Miriam Crovie, Gardenstown
Walker Hazel Self Portrait only Taller
Watts Kathy Rise and Shine
White Richard Maelstrom II
White Richard Maelstrom I
White Evelyn Meeting
White Evelyn Encounter
Whyte Kenneth The Best Possible World
Wilson Susan Greater Spotted Holly
Wilson Rebecca Bite Me!
Wilson Rebecca You Tart!
Wilson Susie Hidden Inside
Wood Christopher The Climb
Wood Christopher Break
Zwibach Diana Craving the Pink
Zygadlo Denise Net III

215 works