Aleksandra Kargul, Winner of Eichstaett Prize

Aleksandra Kargul writes about her Lithography Residency and solo exhibition in Eichstaett, following receiving The Eichstaett Lithography Prize of a 2 week residency and exhibition in Bavaria for an artist exhibiting a lithograph at the SSA Annual Exhibition 2015.

Photography by Li Portenlaengera 14a-w

‘One of the most exciting prizes available at SSA Annual Exhibition 2015 was a Lithography Residency and solo exhibition in Eichstaett, Bavaria. This funded 2 week residency was initiated by Li Portenlänger, in collaboration with the Society of Scottish Artists. It was awarded to me for my limited edition lithograph titled: ‘Loch Leven at Dusk IV‘.

Stone Lithography is a magical process and limestone is an amazing material to work with. Drawing on a stone with crayons and litho tusche allows me to add detail but at the same time marks can be very spontaneous. I found stone lithography fascinating but also very mysterious. There is always something new to try.

Li-Portenlanger-Dr-Gunter-ViohlI learnt lithography from Alastair Clark at Edinburgh Printmakers who is very passionate about the process. I have worked with stone lithography regularly in a last few years and learnt a lot by my mistakes and also from other lithographers in Edinburgh Printmakers. The residency in Lithographie-Werkstatt Eichstätt and working with Li Portenlänger is an amazing opportunity for any lithographer and I have been honoured to be the recipient of this incredible award.

Li Portenlänger showed me around Eichstatt, introduced me to local architecture and unique history of the region. We also visited The University Library of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt where Andreas Kleinert showed us some pieces from studio´s “Lithography Collection” and books with handprinted illustrations from their archival collection. The “Lithography Collection” is expanding every year and includes lithographs from various artist residencies in Eichstatt.

Photography by Li Portenlaenger 14-wThe entire stay was filled with inspiring sightseeing but the cherry on the cake was the visit to the lithographic limestone quarry Solnhofen. Dr Günter Viohl [pictured] accompanied us that day and provided paleontological background which changed the way I work with the stone. The culmination of the residency was my solo exhibition “There are places to come from and places to go” of work created in Eichstatt and work I brought with me. The opening was featured with an introduction from the mayor of Eichstätt, Andreas Steppberger.

The Lithography Residency and solo exhibition in Eichstaett is an excellent award for artists who love stone and already work in this medium. Lithographie-Werkstatt Eichstätt is very well equipped studio specialising in stone lithography and focusing on promoting this unique printmaking method in Eichstatt and internationally. Li Portenlänger is studio director and passionate lithographer herself. She recently worked in Edinburgh Printmakers in 2014. She is hoping to come back to Scotland to explore the Scottish Highlands and perhaps visit Highland Print Studio.

Daily allowance and accommodation in St Walburg Guest House was provided by the Lithographie-Werkstatt Eichstätt. It was an amazing experience and I am not sure if there are enough words to express my gratitude for Li’s time and all the knowledge she kindly shared with me.

Kargul Aleksandra_2016_Der Bogen_Eichstatt II-w

I would like to thank Society of Scottish Artists for showcasing my work at THE 118th ANNUAL OPEN EXHIBITION OF THE SOCIETY OF SCOTTISH ARTISTS 2015 and giving me the chance to receive this award. I also would like to thank Edinburgh Printmakers for teaching me lithography and for their excellent support in my creative journey. Being part of both SSA and Edinburgh Printmakers is extremely important to me as it brings community of artists together and promotes inspiration and fellowship with other artists.

Fingers crossed, there will be many stone lithographs to chose from at THE 119th ANNUAL OPEN EXHIBITION OF THE SOCIETY OF SCOTTISH ARTISTS 2016.’