Made Up

Works by SSA members Katharine Aarrestad, Robert Balfour, Alan Bond, Paul Charlton, Sharon Quigley, Cecile Simonis and Bronwen Sleigh can be seen at a new exhibition opening this weekend at Glasgow Art Club

Made Up brings together a group of UK and Europe based artists whose work is involved with processes that extend beyond the conventions of wall-based art. None of the artists is easily categorised, moving between different media in their practice.

The title of the exhibition title refers both to the elements of construction and manufacture that form part of their methodology and to the definition of ‘Made Up’ suggesting a creative and invented world. The artists in the show are from or have close connections with, many different countries, including Belgium, Germany, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

An interesting aspect of curating this show has been the venue itself. It’s historic art nouveau ambience to which Charles Renee Mackintosh contributed, and its terracotta coloured walls, create a powerful space offering a different context to the neutrality of a contemporary white cube gallery. In curating the show many interesting cross references and sometimes unexpected coincidences have come to light which has influenced the final selection of the artist work. Themes around time, exploration and adventure, flight, the sea and the built environment overlap in many of the artists work.

Also exhibiting, Anka Dabrowska, Chris Dobrowolski, Stephen Felmingham, Stuart Mayes and Jorg Obergfell

Made Up
Glasgow Art Club
12th August – 1st September 11-5pm

Alan Bond, Airborne