Juliana Capes – Earthly Bodies

This year’s Edinburgh Art Festival will feature a new work by SSA member Juliana Capes. The work entitled Earthly Bodies will be installed at Lady Close Stairs from 9-12 August.

Earthly Bodies casts the artist in the role of “Pavement Astronomer/Astrologer”, charting and analysing the chewing gum constellations of the city. Starting from the act of looking for meaning in the outcome of processes that shape the everyday environment, over four days a simple intervention turns a usually unnoticed part of urban human geography into a theatre of wonder.

In collaboration with the Writer’s Museum, this street based artwork will culminate in a tour of the installation – a poetic monologue – “Fortune for Earthly Bodies” from 3pm on Saturday 12th August. 

Ensuing artefacts will then be exhibited at the Writer’s Museum in Lady Stair’s Close for the rest of Edinburgh Art’s Festival. 

The project has been previewed in the Telegraph’s hitless of the best exhibitions of the festival http://www.telegraph.co.uk/art/what-to-see/edinburgh-festival-2017-best-exhibitions-see-year/

Juliana Capes, Pavement Astronomer, 2006, chalk. Photo courtesy of the artist.